china sustainable brandsFor Clifford, Hope Springs Eternal for ‘The Greening of Asia’                – Sheila Shayon

Mark Clifford’s forthcoming book, The Greening of Asia: The Business Case for Solving Asia’s Environmental Emergency (Columbia Business School Publishing, March 2015), offers a hopeful take on major trends in the region, such as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies working together to generate solutions in energy, land and water conservation that are efficient and sustainable.

His case-study approach looks at companies in China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, and the growing commitment to turning social and environmental problems into business opportunity.

We spoke with Clifford, also the executive director of Hong Kong-based Asia Business Council, and previously, editor-in-chief of the South China Morning Post, and publisher and editor-in-chief of The Standard.


WSJ mlcWriting China: Mark Clifford, ‘The Greening of Asia’
- Te-Ping Chen

Between Beijing’s “crazy bad” air and the growth of a resource-hungry middle class in cities across the region, Asia is home to a host of wildly daunting environmental challenges. But according to Mark Clifford’s forthcoming book, The Greening of Asia, such challenges are also being tackled with considerable ingenuity across the continent.

Mr. Clifford, executive director of the Asia Business Council, argues that the region’s creative approach to environmental problems is being driven by in large part by entrepreneurs who are devoting themselves to these problems not out of some philanthropic urge, but rather because of the business opportunities involved.

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MLC reuters 5More Green Jobs in a Cleaner China

Eco-friendly job opportunities will grow if China sticks to its promise to curb emissions in the coming years. Pamela Ambler reports on the business opportunities that may arise.
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MLC the streetChina’s Pollution an ‘Environmental Emergency,’ Creating Opportunities

China’s environmental disaster – its pollution – is also an opportunity for solar energy companies and those who want to invest in them, said Mark Clifford, the author of The Greening of Asia. What’s happening in Asia in general and China in particular is not all that different from the heavy pollution in the U.S. 40 to 50 years ago. Now air and water in the U.S. are much cleaner because the government and citizens made it a priority. Now it’s China’s turn.

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msnbc book report 2Can anything be done about Beijing’s ‘airpocalypse?’

Mark Clifford joins Dorian Warren to discuss his new book, The Greening of Asia and what innovative strategies Asian countries and companies are employing to solve their pollution crisis.

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